Monday Made It

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I have been looking at the linky Mondy Made It forever. But let’s face it, I am NOT crafty. So finally, I can say that I made a few things and am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made it!!

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After reading about the Homework Club from Lessons with Laughter and 4th Grade Frolics, I decided to give it a try. You can read about Lessons with Laughter’s Homework Club {Here}. I found 4th grade Frolic’s Homework Club product on Teachers pay Teachers. You can find it {Here}.

So I printed and laminated all day long! First I printed and laminated the Homework Club numbers.

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Next I decided that I needed to update my classroom job chart. So I got some yellow ribbon with white polka dots. Then I found the Polka Dot Design Classroom Job Cards by A Spoonful of Creativity. SO CUTE!
I printed and laminated the job cards and then, hold on to your socks…I used a hot glue gun! I hot glued the job cards onto the ribbon.


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I had my mom bring my the huge oil drip pan from Walmart. My mom lives in Pennsylvania but she is always bringing me things from Walmart or the Dollar Tree since I don’t have any close to me.
I decided to use the oil drip pan to make my Homework Club Chart and the Job Chart. I used Duck Tape to section of the the two charts.


So I guess if I put all three of my little projects together, I get one big project. I’m still trying to decide if I should cover the oil pan or just leave it silver. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Go back to 4th Grade Frolics by clicking the picture below to read other Monday Made Its.

Monday Made It 1

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