Using Math Videos

Do you use math videos in your classroom? I love to use math videos and other videos to keep my kiddos engaged. Sometimes I feel more like an actress than a teacher. Hey, but whatever it takes…
I love watching my kids as they see a link for a video or movie on the smart board. Their eyes light up and they start whispering to each other, “A video, a video!” It’s just so cute. It makes me smile to see the excitement.
Two of the videos that my kids love are on fractions. As soon as they see the video they stop talking (which is a feat in itself. I mean they almost never stop talking!)
They even request to watch this video during snack. They eat, listen, sing, and dance. Can you picture 32 second graders singing and dancing to videos on fractions and then yelling, “Again! Again!”

This first video made the kids laugh.

The video below was the absolute favorite!

I use this video with my small groups, even though all the kids like it. My students will sing this all day long!

What videos do you use in your class during math or other subjects?