Some Thanksgiving Fun!

Hi everyone. I can not believe that Thanksgiving is next week already. I am gearing up for some family time and some relaxation.

Last week, I shared an activity with you from Digital: Divide & Conquer. I used his Turn into a Turkey activity and it was such a big hit. You can read all about it here

Click below to check it out.
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After working on Turn into a Turkey. I read the book T’was the Night Before Thanksgiving and Turkey Trouble. The kids thought both books were hilarious! 🙂

Easy Teaching Tools has such a cute craftivity!! Turkey Trouble: Craftivity and Writing Activity where the kids have to disguise their turkey and write about it. I could not believe how create my kiddos were with their stories about How Not To Become Thanksgiving Dinner and how they disguised their turkeys.
Take a look at some of the turkeys they created.

Just look at this Princess Turkey! My student was so proud of her disguise. She used a barbie dress to disguise her turkey as a princess.

Next, is the Super Spy Turkey. This kiddo didn’t have any material to use at home so he just used markers and crayons. My kids loved this turkey and thought it was very creative. 🙂


Another student disguised her turkey as a cat. I love the tail and the whiskers! Don’t you?


One of my students shared his Cowboy Turkey! He read his story aloud and then shared how his turkey was in a rodeo. 🙂


Next, we have a Hula Turkey. This student went all out. His mom took apart a hula doll she had in their house. He story was fabulous about a turkey who disguised himself as a hula dancer because there was a party with dancers and the turkey was able to just dance right out of the house.


Last, but not least is the Patriotic Turkey. My little girl was so cute when she shared her turkey. She said, “Of course we need a turkey disguised as the American Flag. Thanksgiving is an American holiday.” 🙂


I think the Hula Turkey and the Cowboy Turkey are my favorite! Which is your favorite?

Click below to check out the craftivity and writing.
Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 6.17.51 PM

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