Educents Back to School Blowout Sale!!

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Hi Everyone.
In case you haven’t heard…Educents is having their Back to School Blowout Sale! Say it ain’t so…please!! I can not believe school is just around the corner for many of us. I have only been off for one month, so I still have one month to go. But, I know many of you are getting ready to go back or already have gone back to school.

I feel your pain and your excitement. Let’s be honest, we don’t want to go back but can’t wait to get into our rooms and set up for the new year. Only another teacher can understand how happy you get when you open up a new set of markers or find that perfect colored basket. My husband thinks I am absolutely crazy!

Since I do not have A Dollar Tree near me… boooo! My mom calls me at least once a week to go over what she sees at the Dollar Tree by her. She is fabulous!!

Even though I am not going back for another month, I am already shopping. I even made my Teacher’s Toolkit. I know, I know…better late than never. I woke up this morning to see Educent’s Back to School Blowout Sale and got giddy. Like I said only another teacher truly understands what I mean.

Here is the hard part. I already have so many things in my cart, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. 🙂 🙁

In my cart already: The Write Stuff ELA Bundle
Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.35.30 PM

Management and Decor Bundle…oh my!
Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.38.25 PM

2nd-3rd grade Bundle
Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.40.44 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.44.02 PM

Back to school shopping can be very dangerous! I have to limit myself to only two. Any suggestions?

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