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Hi everyone! Are you ready to go back to school already? I kind of am, but I am SO NOT ready. At least the Back to School Sale from TpT will help me. The sale is August 3rd and 4th. Don’t forget to use the code BTS15 for 28% off!

Today I want to take some time and highlight two of my products for you. One of my best sellers is my Charlotte’s Web Interactive Notebook.
The Charlotte’s Web Interactive Notebook has 23 interactive notebook pages for students to complete. It covers setting, point of view, character analysis, sequence, and character’s reaction.


One product that I am looking forward to using is my Number Sense and Place Value Task Cards Bundle. I am always scrounging around looking for supplemental math material. This task card bundle aligns to my math curriculum but can be used to supplement any math curriculum.


Task Cards Included:
1. Even or odd Task Cards
2. Addition with Equal Groups Task Cards
3. Value of a Digit Task Cards
4. Expanded Form Task Cards
5. Ways to Write a Number Task Cards
6. Ways to Show Numbers (base-10 blocks) Task Cards
7. Counting by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s
8. Counting by 1’s, 5’s, 10’s and 100’s

What can’t you live without in the beginning of the school year.

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