Learn Like a Pirate: Chapter 1

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1. What is a Student-Led Classroom?

Hi everyone! The summer is quickly approaching and I am tired but excited to start thinking about how to improve my teaching and my classroom. I know many of you have started your summer vacation, but I still have 16 days left!

Last summer, I was part of a math book study by Laney Sammons. This summer, we are reading Learn Like a Pirate by Paul Solarz.

So what exactly is a Student-Led Classroom?
According to Paul Solarz, “A Studen-led classroom is one in which students make decisions and choices throughout the day without consulting the teacher.”

OH MY!! I Got so ANXIOUS just reading that statement made by Mr. Solarz. Students that make their own choices and decisions without consulting the teacher???

As I continued to read chapter 1, I became less anxious!!! YES, this is exactly how I want my classroom to run.

* I want my classroom to be a safe learning environment where every student is engaged and enjoys learning.
* I want my classroom to be full of productive talk. What teacher doesn’t?
* I want my students to become more responsible and more independent. This happens to be a big concern for me in my classroom right now.
* I want my students to be able to resolve their own problems and not constantly come to me with little arguments.
* I want my students to lead discussions and share their opinions.
* I want my students to become risk takers and try to do something that others are not doing.
* I want to facilitate more and listen more to my students and have less teacher led lessons.

I already have my students working in groups for a good portion of the day. My kiddos are in reading and math groups everyday. They also work in small groups or partners in writing, social studies, and science. They reflect on their work and work on peer reflections. They discuss their ideas and their work with each other. My class is often loud with productive talk (not always, but usually.)

I am really excited to take the next steps and have my classroom become student-led. Join us next week for chapter 2 of Learn Like a Pirate.

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2 thoughts on “Learn Like a Pirate: Chapter 1

  1. Great post, Rachel! This chapter made me nervous as well, but I agree with your list of “wants”. I strive for those characteristics anyway….if this helps me achieve it, I’m IN!!! 🙂

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