St. Patrick’s Day 3 Digit Addition Scoot Sale!

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Hi everyone!I am super excited to be part of Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals and to bring you this fantastic dollar deal!

My kiddos always need practice with their 3 digit addition. I’m sure your kids can use the practice too!  What better way to practice their 3 digit addition with and without regrouping than to play addition scoot.

3-Digit Addition Scoot is a fast paced game that gets your students out of their seats and helps them to review their 3-digit addition with and without regrouping while having fun. Have students self check or peer check with the QR Codes!

2 different sets of cards are included! 
****The first set of cards has the QR Code on the addition card.
****The second set of cards has the QR Code on a separate card.
Choose the set of cards that works best for your class!

*This set has 36 addition cards with and without regrouping (tens and ones places.)
*36 cards with QR Codes for students to check their work.
*A recording sheet.
*An answer key

3-Digit Addition Scoot can be played in different ways:
Play as a whole class, in small groups, for independent practice, or put this game into a math center.


If you don’t want the QR code, click here to see the St. Patrick’s Day 3 Digit Addition Scoot without QR codes.

Common Core Standards:

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