Birthday Bags

Hi everyone. How do you celebrate birthdays in your classroom? I have to admit, I am horrible! Some years I have pencils, some years I have birthday certificates, and some years I have nothing (horrible right?)

My problem…I was never organized. I wouldn’t have something ready for the birthday boy or girl. Once you miss the first birthday or two, it is kind of hard to start giving something out for birthdays. I can’t say, “Sorry Johnny, I didn’t have anything when it was your birthday, but now I have something to give Cindy.” Like I said I AM HORRIBLE!!!

So through my internet travels and reading Facebook and a lot of blogs, I saw people who make birthday bags. OMG why have I never done birthday bags before? What is wrong with me? I am going into my 17th year of teaching and I am learning new things everyday and I love it!

First, I decided to make birthday crowns.




I left some of the stars black and white so the kids can color them. I usually print two pages of the headband part because some kids have bigger heads than others, like my son. 🙂

You can check out the birthday crowns by clicking the picture below.

Then, I sat down to make my birthday bags. I included material to make the crown, a birthday certificate, a birthday bookmark, and a sticker. All from the Target’s Dollar Spot. I get into a lot of trouble when I go to the Dollar Spot at Target. Don’t you? 🙂 I ordered birthday pencils, but of course they haven’t arrived yet. 🙁


After assembling the bags, I wrote each child’s name and birthday on it in Sharpie marker. When I get to school, I have a file folder all set up in my file cabinet for the birthday bags. I am so proud of myself!


How do you celebrate your kids’ birthdays? Do you give them anything or do anything special? Do You think I should include anything else?

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi,