Guided Math: Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Hi everyone. Welcome back to our book study on chapter 9 of Guided Math: A Framework For Mathematics Instruction. It has been a great nine weeks and I’m glad that you stuck around to join us in the book study.

I hope after following along with us, you are planning on implementing the math workshop into your day and have come away with some great ideas.

Chapter 9a

How will you begin to implement the Guided Math Framework in your classroom?
I have been working with math groups and guided groups for years in my class. I am so glad that I read Laney Sammon’s Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction. I have been feeling stale lately. I don’t know if that make sense, maybe in a rut is a better phrase. Have you ever felt like that?

After reading this book and reflecting on my last year, there are some things that I definitely need to change.
1. I need to spend more time on morning stretches. I always intended to do the morning stretches, but then it just never happened. Hopefully, using the morning stretches planning pages will help me to make sure that I actually do them. I also plan on incorporating new morning stretches, like the math current events.

2. I need to spend more time on structure and routines this year. Maybe I was just used to 3rd and 4th graders…I don’t know. I really need to spend A LOT more time setting up my expectations during guided math. I found it very difficult to meet with all of my planned groups, and I think that is why.

3. I already use music, videos, and games in my instruction. Next year I plan on using more.

4. I need to spend less time with independent students that are struggling with a concept. Sometimes that one student monopolizes my time…and there go my guided groups.

How will you begin to implement the Guided Math Framework in your class?

Chapter 9b

How can you create a professional learning community to support you as you modify your mathematics instruction?

Ok. I’m kind of at a lost of how to create a professional learning community that will support each other. That sound horrible, doesn’t it??
I moved to a new school two years ago and things have been kind of rough. Don’t get me wrong, I love my new school and my colleagues. They are all fabulous teachers, but I work a bit differently than they do. I’ve tried to share ideas, only to be shot down many times. There are several other teachers who listen and try out different ideas. Hopefully this coming year, the small group of teachers and I can meet up at least once a week before or after school and form a small support team. I am also on the Professional Development Committee this year. I would love to bring in the workshop model and guided math to the rest of the teachers through professional development.

Can you give me any advice? What would you do?

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. I had a great time discussing the math workshop and guided math with you. Remember to hop through and read what others have to say about chapter 9 and enter the last 🙁 giveaway.


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Guided Math: Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Hi everyone and welcome back to our book study on Laney Sammon’s Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics.

Chapter 7 is all about conferring with students during guided math.
According to Laney Sammons, “Conferring is the heart and soul of teaching.” As teachers, we are constantly conferring with students, even though I am guilty of not always recording the conference.

Chapter 7a

In what ways are you able to discover your students’ mathematical thinking.

One way I discover my students’ mathematical thinking is through partner work. I listen in to partner work and look at their work. I also have my students complete math investigations or exlemplars. This gives me great insight into how my students work. I can see any misconceptions they have, or the strategies they use to solve the problem.
I can also get to know my kids’ mathematical thinking by conferring with them. I get to spend a little more time with the students when I confer with them.

Chapter 7b
It is very difficult to confer with individual students. When we confer with individual students, we aren’t able to monitor the other students during guided math workshop. I am guilty of conferring with the individual students. Sometimes I feel like I have to. We all have those students that constantly need our attention, coaching, or modeling. It is a hard habit to break!!

Every year, my math workshop works differently. Last year, it did not go as smooth as I wanted it to. I would say things like,”They are not independent.” or “My class is very immature.” Thinking back, I’m beginning to realize that a lot of it was my fault.
So next year, when I set up my math workshop I am going to spend a lot more time on structure and rules. I think that might have been part of my problem this year. I need to remember to implement the math partner so that the students always have someone else they can ask or work with. I am also going to make sure that my kids know or have a list of activities they can do on their own if they are having trouble with something.

I found it difficult to meet with all of the groups that I had preplanned. I try to meet with at least two preplanned groups each day, plus a group that I notice needs help on the same skill or strategy. Often times, I was only able to meet with one group. The kids were always coming up to me and interrupting. No matter how many times I ignored the students or told them I could not answer them now, it didn’t seem to work.

I just read a blog post that gave me such a great idea. I am so sorry that I don’t remember who is was. I searched my fb feed but couldn’t find it! If you what blog it was or read the blog and can help me, leave it in the comments so I can give proper credit.
The idea: Use one of the lights you get from the Dollar Tree. Put the light on when you are conferring. Then the students know that they can not go to you. Brilliant!

Recording and using conference notes are very important.
Notes can help teachers:
-Plan for future conferences.
-Recognize the strengths of their students.
-Discover future teaching options.
-Broaden the scope of conferences.
-Follow-up on conference teaching points.

I used to be really good at recording all of my conferences. I don’t know what happened to me. I know how important it is, but lately I find that I just don’t have the time.
This is another goal I have for next year. I really need to get back into the swing of recording my conferences.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Hop through the blogs to see what everyone else has to say about chapter 7. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below.

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Guided Math: Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Hi everyone! Thanks for coming back to discuss chapter 6 in Laney Sammons Guided Math: A Framework For Mathematics Instruction.

Chapter 6 is all about supporting guided math with math workshop.

There are many advantages of using Math Workshop in your classroom. It is definitely flexible. In my class, students sometimes work independently, in pairs, or as a group. There are days where the students begin working independently, then go into partner or group work. This is one way that I ensure that the work that needs to get done is actually completed.
My kids love working in partners and in groups. It is definitely a way to get the kids talking about math. 🙂

There are also some challenges of using Math Workshop in the classroom. It takes quite a while to get the routine set up in the beginning of the year. The students are always coming up to you and asking questions or often off task. But once the routine is set, it is so worth it!
It also takes more time to plan an effective Math Workshop. You need to be sure to select tasks that are appropriate and rigorous for the students.

Chapter 6a

What are some ways you can organize your classroom for Math Workshop?
Organization is key when setting up your classroom for Math Workshop. If you already have your room set up for Guided Reading, then you already know what to do.
I have an area set up in my room with all of my labeled math manipulatives that are easily accessed by the kids. The kids know where everything is and because things are labeled, the students know (eventually) where the material goes at the end of math.
I also have an area set up for my guided group to meet. I sit with my group on the floor towards the back of my room. Each table (I have 5) is designated a group. I usually have 3 groups plus my guided group.
I have a math board in the front of the room where the groups, the activity, and the rules are posted.

get-attachment (3)

Chapter 6b

How can implementing Math Workshop promote the learning goals you have for your classroom.

When you use Math Workshop in your classroom, the students are given more effective tasks. Students become more independent and are held accountable for their learning. The students also work with each other and develop their math talk. They are able to discuss math and share the different strategies or ways that they solve a problem.

By implementing Math Workshop, the students are working on their level, not below or above. This ensures that the kids are not frustrated or bored in math class.

You also get a better view of what the students know or don’t know and can quickly correct the misunderstanding.

Laney Sammons gives some types of tasks that can be used during Math Workshop.
*Review previously mastered concepts
*Practice for math fact automaticity.
*Use mathematical games to reinforce concepts.
*Practice problem solving.
*Investigate mathematical concepts.
*Write in Math Journals.
*Complete computer-related work.
*Complete math-related work from other subject areas.
*Complete work from small-group instruction.

I love playing math games with my kids. They are great to review concepts already taught.

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 9.38.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 8.31.24 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 3.49.42 PM

Click below to download a Weekly Math Workshop Plan.

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Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.
What ways do you organize your classroom for Math Workshop or how do you plan to organize your room for next year?
I would love to hear your ideas!


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